Annihilist Vol. 1 Full Ep Stream Metal

‘Vol. 1’ Now Streaming Via YouTube

Annihilist’s Debut EP ‘Vol. 1’ now streaming Via YouTube!

Official Full EP Stream for Annihilist’s Debut EP, ‘Vol. 1’, 2015.

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1. (00:00) Solace In Suffering
2. (06:44) Sink
3. (12:08) Prevail
4. (18:39) Against The Wall
5. (24:44) Echoes
6. (26:27) Embers

Recorded by Aaron Beale at Parallel Recording Studios:
Mixing & Mastering by Declan White & Aaron Beale:
Artwork By Scotty Bates:
Video by Miki Simankevicius:

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© Annihilist 2015

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