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Annihilist SIGN to TRUTH INC R.M.T!


Truth Inc Records are pleased to announce two new signings to the label, Eternal Rest from Brisbane, Australia and Annihilist from Melbourne, Australia. The bands join an ever growing international roster that features acts such ALKIRA, Truth Corrodedand Mors Principium Est.

ETERNAL REST are a technical death metal band from Brisbane that have toured extensively overseas and shared the stage with acts such as Cryptopsy, Decapitated, Suffocation and many more.
Currently in the process of completing a new album which will be released by the label in early 2017, ETERNAL REST are about to close the year with a European tour alongside Whoretopsy and Condemned.

ANNIHILIST are a Melbourne band that have a sound that will appeal to fans of acts such as Lamb of God, Soilwork and Sylosis.
The band came to the attention of the label through its excellent debut EP which demonstrates the bands proficiency with soaring leads and hook laden riffing. ANNIHILIST will be touring across Australia in early 2017 before working on the bands debut full length album.

For further information on ETERNAL REST and ANNIHILIST please visit :

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